In Loving Memory & Retired Breeders

Inevitably, there comes a day when our breeders leave this world to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Here you will find a listing of those who have passed, along with contact information on who to contact if you need anything at all related to their kitties.

There also comes a day when our breeders eventually retire. Those breeders have provided their contact information. They are always here to help you with your kitty from them!


Retired. Charmaine Payne, from HumbleBumbleRag in Ontario
Email her at


Retired. Jeanne Farrington, from Indigo Rags in San Jose
Email her at

Rest in Peace. Teri Harley, from Harley Cats in Temecula
No forwarding information currently available

Rest in Peace. Dawn Smith, from ATopCat in Fresno
Contact Stephanie Newberry at or 815-210-1605

Retired. Pastor Mellie, from God’s Little Gifts in Murrieta
Email her at


Retired. Pat Messner from Scallywag Rags
Call her at 203-426-1059


Retired. Kim Clark, from Ultimate Rags**
Email her at

Rest in Peace. Judi Morrison, from Rivendell Rags in Largo**
Please contact Lynn Tait at or 813-968-7071


Retired. Tom and Melody Piazza, from Muffin Mania in Aurora
Email Melody at


Rest in Peace. Janet  and George Klarmann, from Encore Cats** (formerly in Florida).
Please contact Robin Klarmann at

Rest in Peace, Curt Gehm from Liebling Cats**
No forwarding information currently available

**Denotes founding Breeder