Code of Ethics

The purpose of the RagaMuffin Associated Group (RAG) is to encourage, promote, and improve the health and breeding of RagaMuffin cats by maintaining standards, encouraging exhibitions, and offering services to its members. In keeping with those goals, the breeders of RAG agree to adhere to the following minimum standards.

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Taking Care of the Breed
Care for Cats and Kittens
Good Business Practices
Advancing RAG

Taking Care of the Breed

  1. I agree that since the RagaMuffin is a rare breed, furthering the interests of the RagaMuffin, including the health and safety of breed stock and litters, shall always be my primary consideration as a breeder. Any other gain shall be secondary.
  2. I agree to keep adequate records of all matings and pedigrees and to register breeding stock and litters with at least one recognized cat registry approved by RAG. I will only sell or represent cats as RagaMuffins that are registered with a RAG-approved registry. Note: All RagaMuffins must be registered with ACFA. They may also be registered with other registries, as desired.
  3. I agree to breed first for good health and disposition. I shall also breed discriminately and only upon strong evidence of the potential for finding suitable homes for the kittens.
  4. I shall report all genetic abnormalities and/or birth deformities to RAG. These records will be made available only for legitimate reasons and only with my permission. I shall euthanize any kitten with a deformity incompatible with a happy, comfortable life.
  5. I will have all breeding cats tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids. I will have all breeding cats tested for the Ragdoll HCM mutation unless both parents or all grandparents have tested negative for that gene.
  6. I shall offer stud service only to owners of queens who are RAG members or who are approved in advance by the RAG Board.
  7. I will refuse to sell to breeders who do not conform to RAG’s Code of Ethics or to a similar code.
  8. Before selling a kitten as a breeder, I shall ascertain that the buyer is fully aware of the ramifications of breeding: expenses, necessary facilities, time involved in care, good placement of kittens and responsibilities to buyers and other breeders. I shall also take care to ensure that the kitten’s genetic background is compatible with intended mates in the new cattery.

Care for Cats and Kittens

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  1. I agree to maintain a high standard of health and care for my cats and kittens, including adequate room for exercise, regular grooming, clean quarters and adequate food and water.
  2. Kittens shall be kept free of all external and internal parasites (worms, fleas, ear mites, fungus, etc.).
  3. Before a kitten is sold it must receive age-appropriate immunizations for feline enteritis (panleukopenia), rhinotracheitis (feline herpes virus), and calicivirus. I agree to have all my kittens checked by a licensed veterinarian before they are adopted.
  4. I will not release kittens to their adopters until they are at least 12 weeks old.
  5. I shall discourage the declawing of any kitten or cat.
  6. I will never sell cats or kittens to cat wholesalers or retailers. I will not donate a RagaMuffin for raffle purposes, or buy or sell kittens in litter lots.
  7. I shall ascertain that all buyers know how to care for a cat or kitten, and make myself available to give advice. This will also apply to assisting other breeders with advice who obtain a breeding queen or stud from me.
  8. I shall not breed a female until she is at least a year old unless she has been in season twice. I will not purposely breed any female more than three times in two years unless it is determined to be necessary for the female’s health (i.e., to reduce the risk of pyometra in a queen with frequent heats). Such exceptions will be made in consultation with my vet and/or my RAG mentor. Any female who has severe birthing problems will be altered.

Good Business Practices

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  1. I will give buyers an honest appraisal of a kitten’s potential as a pet, breeder or show cat.
  2. Advertising, written or oral, shall be factual and not worded so as to encourage breeding as an easy way to make money.
  3. I will supply a receipt for all deposits received. The receipt will state what happens if a buyer changes his or her mind, for example: money forfeited, immediate refund, returned when kitten is sold, etc.
  4. All breeder/show kittens shall be sold with a written guarantee stating the seller’s responsibility should the kitten prove to be sterile or develop a genetic defect which prevents breeding or showing, for example, monorchidism. The course of action to be taken by each breeder in such a matter should be specified in the guarantee, for example: refund, replacement, disposition of cat, etc.
  5. A limited pedigree may be provided with pet kittens, but registration forms will be withheld until the breeder receives a veterinarian’s receipt or certificate of altering.
  6. All breeder/show kittens will have pedigrees provided with them. Registration forms will be provided once all financial transactions are complete. If, by agreement, there is a deferred payment, the selling breeder will assist the buying breeder to register any kittens (at the buying breeder’s expense). In the case of a deferred payment for queens, kittens may be registered as being from either cattery, at the discretion of the selling breeder.
  7. I will document all transactions and agreements in writing. This includes buyer’s requirements, deposits for kittens, breeder’s guarantee for kittens, travel costs, boarding charges, stud service agreements, leasing of cats, etc.

Advancing RAG

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  1. I agree to guard the reputation of all RAG breeders with as much zeal as my own.
  2. I shall encourage breeder-buyers to join RAG.
  3. I will promptly report any known violation of the Code of Ethics to a RAG Board Member. Upon sufficient evidence, the Board of Directors may take disciplinary action. RAG breeders who choose not to follow the RAG Code of Ethics may be suspended or expelled from RAG.