We Love Our ’Muffins

Thank you for your interest in The RagaMuffin Associated Group, Inc., (RAG) and our RagaMuffin cats. We believe that our cats are the finest felines being bred today. Adopting a cat from one of our registered catteries is a way to insure that you are matched with a happy, healthy companion.

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RagaMuffins are the finest housecats available today. They are a “rag-type cat,” in that they have the ability to become somewhat limp when they are held. RagaMuffins easily accept other animals, get along well with dogs and children (though we recommend purchasing a slightly older kitten where children are present in the home). They may come wrapped in a wealth of colors including solids, torties, and bi-colors as well as minks and points. Please contact the RAG breeder nearest you. Should that breeder not have the kitten you are looking for, they will happily refer you to another breeder or place you on their waiting list. Because we stand behind our fully accredited members, be certain they are on the RAG breeder list. Remember to look for the breeder nearest you so that you can personally visit a cattery and fully experience the joy of knowing these special feline friends.

You do not have to be a breeder to receive benefits from this club. Fancier members receive the same health information, kitten raising tips and interesting articles about RagaMuffins, and have access to knowledgeable members to answer specific questions. You can keep abreast of when shows occur in your area where you can see RagaMuffins exhibited or in competition. Cat shows are wholesome family fun where you can see the newest and the oldest breeds on display.

Breeder members receive support from other members, recommendations on breeding pairs before buying or breeding, club advertising and referrals, help in showing and a wholesome, friendly atmosphere in which to conduct business.

Thank you for your interest in our RagaMuffins.